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Thursday, May 6, 2010

AP Physics Exam – Final Preparation - Make Full Use of Your Time

You have very limited time left for your preparation for the AP Physics Exam. I have often wondered why the number of visitors to this blog is unusually large on the day previous to the exam day. Do not postpone things related to the exam to the final hours of your preparation.

While answering multiple choice questions, you are at liberty to try all shortcuts and your prime concern should be to save as much time as possible, of course, without committing mistakes by carelessness. Free response questions are to be answered taking into account the guidelines prescribed by the College Board.

You should have a clear idea about what you can (and should) take to the examination hall. Of course you should have an equally clear idea about what you cannot take to the examination hall. The College Board gives very clear instructions in this regard and you must certainly go through them. Visit the College Board web site

Control your exam stress and take care of your health. You will find a short post in this context here.

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