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Friday, June 12, 2009

AP Physics B & C- Try to Find Answers to Old Questions

Your preparation for any examination will be incomplete if you do not work out a reasonably large number of old questions. With the universal use of the internet, the present day students are at a great advantage since it is a common practice for exam conducting bodies to publish old questions on their web sites.
I have often come across queries from AP Physics aspirants regarding the sites from where they can get old AP Physics questions. Fortunately for them (and of course for AP Teachers as well) the College Board has made it a practice to publish the Free Response questions in respect of earlier AP Physics examinations. The scoring guidelines also are published on their web site. Very useful details are given in the scoring guidelines so that the students will be careful to make their presentation fool proof when they take up their exam. Home schooled students as well as students whose schools do not offer AP courses will be particularly benefited by the questions and scoring guidelines published by the College Board.
The following links will take you to the locations where you will find the old questions and scoring guidelines in respect of AP Physics B and AP Physics C examinations respectively:
(i) AP Physics B Free Response Questions & Scoring Guidelines:
(ii) AP Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism) Free Response Questions & Scoring Guidelines
(iii) AP Physics C (Mehanics) Free Response Questions & Scoring Guidelines:
You should understand that older question papers can serve as a useful tool in your endeavour. Physics is a subject with vast scope for designing questions in numerous ways to gauge your knowledge, understanding and capacity for application of any concept. So try to master the subject, taking into account the prescribed syllabus.

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