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Albert Einstein

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Piece of Advice to AP Physics Aspirants: Control Your Exam Stress

The AP Physics Examination or for that matter any examination in your life will surely give you a significant amount of stress. A student who has prepared well for the exam should be in a position to enjoy the exam. But even the well prepared student usually suffers from stress.

You should understand that the exam stress is a natural phenomenon. In fact it is generated by your system (mind and body) itself to make you capable of facing the challenge. So don’t worry about the stress itself!

Never under estimate you. Understand that many students of lower calibre have taken up the exam and have come out without harm. You should be aware of your strength and weakness. Make a good analysis taking these into account and set a realistic goal.

Students are often found to sleep inadequately during the days preceding the exam. This is a very unproductive habit. You should sleep for at least 5 to 6 hours. Stick to a healthy diet that will elevate your mood. Do not eat too much at a stretch. Understand that fresh air will energise your system and will reduce your stress level. So don’t forget to breathe effectively in a fresh environment. Physical exercise also can reduce stress. When you feel fed up preparing for the exam, sing a song and revitalize your brain. Engage for a while in a conversation with your favourite class mate or friend. A short conversation with a class mate who is serious about studies will be beneficial to you.

Physics is a subject which finds its application in any thing under the sun (to be more precise, in any thing in this universe). If you are really interested in physics you will feel that the exam is to be enjoyed rather than viewed with fear. You have just forty days at your disposal now for preparing for your AP Physics Exam. So control your stress and face the exam with confidence. You can be sure to succeed.

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