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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Resources for AP Physics B & C

One major concern of the physics teaching community world wide is the dwindling interest shown by bright students in pursuing higher level Physics Courses. The reasons for this are many, but the notion that advanced courses in Physics are tough and not as rewarding as professional courses (such as IT, Medicine etc.) is an important thing deserving attention. If a student finds his Physics studies in the high school classes interesting, he/she will opt for higher level physics courses. The preparation for the AP Physics Examination that serves as a bridge between the high school and the college deserves great attention in this context.
If the students find the AP Physics Exam itself interesting and challenging, they will have an affinity towards higher level Physics courses. The need for students opting for fundamental research in various branches of Physics can never be overemphasized since the scientific progress we find all around today is basically due to the unending enthusiasm shown by physicists in pursuing outstanding work in understanding the fundamental properties of every thing in nature.
My intention in starting this blog is to help students preparing for AP Physics B & C Examinations. Questions of the type you can expect in the AP Physics Examinations will be posted here with solution. So, this site will serve as one of the resource centres for your preparation for the AP Physics B and C examinations.

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